We’re Jaded on Romance… But Should We Be? + Faitth Brooks

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It’s rough out there.

It might be twitterpated season, but we’re not feeling the love. We’ve spent most of our adulthood single and, truth is, we’re kinda settling in. Life is full and meaningful. We’ve got plans. Is it worth holding space for the possibility of love?

On this episode, Katelyn and Roxy gauge our hope-o-meters when it comes to romance, find them rather on the low side and go in search of a hope infusion. Enter: Faitth Brooks. Faitth gives us a glimpse into her pandemic rom-com — and offers some words of wisdom for the still waiting. 

Plus, everyone’s favorites: Sharon and Karen join the show!


  • Faitth Brooks is a writer, speaker, activist, avid traveler, and co-host of the Melanated Faith podcast.
  • E. Karen Beaty is a retired children’s librarian and early childhood education director. (She is also Katelyn’s mom.)
  • Sharon Stone is a pre-K and kindergarten teacher with more than 50 years’ experience. (And she’s Roxy’s mom.)

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