US gave Ukraine intelligence that helped it kill several top Russian generals, report says

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US officials told The Times that American intelligence was pivotal in the deaths of several Russian generals. However, the US has not provided intelligence to Ukraine about the most senior Russian leaders, officials told The Times.

One key data point that the US has shared with Ukraine is the location of Russia’s constantly-moving mobile military headquarters, The Times reported.

A Pentagon spokesperson told Insider on April 27: “We are regularly providing detailed, timely intelligence to the Ukrainians on the battlefield to help them defend their country against Russian aggression and will continue to do so.”

News of the deepening intelligence sharing with Ukraine shows that the US is taking a more active role in fighting Russia’s invasion than it stated at the outset.

Officials told The Times that the US was happy to share intelligence with Ukraine as it is often untraceable or deniable.

In another case, US intelligence passed to Ukraine helped their forces shoot down a Russian transport plane containing hundreds of troops, NBC News reported.

US intelligence agencies correctly predicted that President Vladimir Putin was going to invade Russia earlier this year, even as Ukraine and some European nations disregarded the chance.

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