SA chicken feet or “walkie-talkies” is flying off African retailer shelves

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South African favourite chicken feet or also known as ‘walkie-talkies’ is flying off African retailer shelves. The canned version of the South African favourite is being distributed to other curious southern African countries.

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In an interview with The Cape Talk, Ditsie Moagi, the Sales Executive at Tin Stuf, spoke about the chicken feet canning company breaking continental waters.

According to Co-Founder Eiren Drake, the idea of canning chicken feet and necks comes from his upbringing in Limpopo. He said the business is the brainchild of him and his late grandfather Spencer Drake. In 2017, they constructed a canning plant in Tzaneen and launched it amid the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

They started producing their flagship product line, a 400g-can of chicken feet and necks. 

Recently, the company signed a three-year contract to supply giant retailer Shoprite with canned chicken feet, as per The Cape Talk. The canning company distributes canned chicken feet and necks to Shoprite stores around the country. 

Furthermore, Moagi said the company had been receiving a lot of interest from southern African countries, with Botswana as their largest buyer. He added that there was also a high demand for the product from Namibia, Zimbabwe and Lesotho.

According to Moagi, the company distributes approximately 300 000 cans a month, saying that they distribute about 300 000 cans a month, with the majority of it being distributed to Shoprite stores and some of it to Botswana in large quantities.

He said that the product caters to curious people to taste chicken feet straight out of the can, as opposed to how you usually prepare it.

Moagi concluded by saying: “Most of our customers were people who were curious to taste the product when it comes from a can. Chicken feet have always been part of many people’s daily meals, as most consumers go for the lower end of proteins in terms of pricing.”

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