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Latex topping on pizza shocks family at favourite restaurant
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Cape Town – A Heideveld pizza lover lost his taste for his favourite restaurant when he found bits of a surgical glove mixed in with his supper.

Zain Moos said he bought the pizza for his family of five at Pizza Time in Gatesville last Thursday, but instead of meat and cheese he got something that made his family nauseous.

“I bought a pizza that was a mix of a gheema steak with chicken and pineapple.

“When we sat down to eat, my 21-year-old daughter noticed something when she took a bite and when she looked at it so she saw that it was a piece of a glove.

“She felt so to (nauseous), because she did not know where it came from, how it got there, and who was wearing it before that it made her throw up.”

Zain says that after finding the ’’secret’’ ingredient, he called the restaurant, but was greeted with laughter, which angered him.

“I told him that it was not a laughing matter and that I wanted to speak to a manager so that it can be sorted out.

“The next day I took the pizza back to them and I again demanded to speak to a manager.

“They said they cannot give me a number for a manager and then I demanded my money back, which they gave.

“They say their policy is to give the money back, but I had to fight for it and besides that, my main issue was the way that they handled the whole situation.”

The 56-year-old father says he’s been a customer of Pizza Time for over 15 years and ordered pizza at least once a week, but he won’t be buying from them again.

A manager at Pizza Time, who only wanted to be identified as Lauren, said that she was aware of the incident and that an apology was made along with the refund.

However, she refused to provide the Daily Voice with a number for the owner as it was “against policy”.

Several people have died after ingesting and choking on latex gloves, including 78- year-old Irene Collins from, Manchester, UK, in 2018.

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